Dr. Miriam K. Ehrensaft
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 
Children, Adolescents & Families
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Miriam K. Ehrensaft, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist in Brooklyn, NY with a specialization in cognitive behavioral therapy and other evidence based psychological approaches for helping children, adolescents and their families families with behavioral and emotional difficulties. Located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Dr. Ehrensaft strives to help families improve a range of life problems, especially parent-child relationship difficulties, child disruptive behavior, attentional problems (ADHD), social behavior, and problems with anxiety. She has worked for many years at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in clinical and research capacities, and is associate professor of psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.



  1. -For families seeking initial advice about their child’s difficulties.

  2. -For schools.


-Full diagnostic evaluation to establish nature and possible approaches to relieve current difficulties at home, school, or elsewhere.


-Evidence based approaches matched to specific type of problem.

-Collaborative team approach with parents and teachers.

Office Location

436 15th Street

Brooklyn, NY  11215

  1. (917)371-1071